Workhorse Yarn

This poor yarn. It has worked so hard. I knit a few inches. Then start over. Time after time.

I had planned to complete my projects weeks ago…My quick, two-day hat is taking longer to knit than a full size sweater.

This single skein of Madelinetosh Dk (in Fallencloud) has been knit and reknit again and again over the past month. I have lost count of the number of times I have frogged and started a new, although I have completed at least two entire hats, I-cord edging and all, before ripping back to the Very Beginning.

After all that, I will say this: the yarn has held up very well. Madelinetosh DK is workhorse yarn indeed.

I am not sure if I will ultimately be successful in perfecting this pattern design I have been flirting with…darting around the edges of my creativity…trying to capture my vision just so. Somewhere along the way or even at the very end, I look at my final product and admit defeat. I unwind, and it all begins anew.

After all this ripping and reknitting, I feel indebted to this skein of yarn. Like I owe it something. It has worked so hard for me. All in the name of a hat. I owe it something beautiful and treasured. It deserves that much, I know.

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