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You Weren’t Expecting This, Were You!

Yep. It’s a tee.

After knitting four cowls this year (and a pair of socks), I got sick of going ’round and ’round and knitting the same old thing.

I was bored.

And apparently off my rocker one night when I went diving into my stash (which isn’t much of a dive because it isn’t much of a stash…) and found two skeins of Swans Island fingering that I snagged last April during my annual birthday yarn acquisition extravaganza.

Here’s how I feel about yarn: once it’s been hanging out in my closet for a year, I get anxious. I need to use it. It becomes an inexplicable compulsion.

And that’s how I ended up (finally!) casting on Riverton, even though I am still going ’round and ’round with hardly a decrease or increase in sight. At least the yarn is a different color.

I’ve used Swans Island before (when I knit up Tulipland), and I’m a big fan. You get a lot of yarn in a skein at a fair price. It’s soft, and the color palette is right up my alley. Here’s the thing I did learn about this stuff: it grows when you block it. Like, really grows (as in the way my tummy grows after I eat too many brownies).

It’s astonishing. 

Yes, I blocked my swatch to attempt to account for said growth. 

I’ve done all the math.

It should work out.

Because I hate it when I select the wrong size to knit!

Still, I know there’s trouble in my future. Swatches lie. Nothing is ever easy like it should be. And my tee so far looks suspiciously large (even though I have had my gauge independently reviewed by a qualified expert in the field).

Also: I have this sinking feeling I am going to run out of yarn.

I’ve done it again: gone and replaced my boredom with stress.


5 thoughts on “You Weren’t Expecting This, Were You!

  1. oh I hope you are wrong and have enough yarn to finish the project!!! that is the worst feeling if you really thinking you are not going to have enough.

  2. I hope it works out for you. How frustrating when you can’t rely on a swatch.

  3. Is it top down? Did you try it on? I am knitting a sweater and was feeling doubtful about my gauge even though I also washed and blocked my swatch, but when I tried it on I felt much better. The colour of the tee is beautiful!

    1. Bottom up. Gonna have to risk it!

  4. Your color choice is amazing! I really hope you don’t run out of yarn, I guess you could make it a color block tee if you do run out of yarn.

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